Environmental Electromicrobiology and Biotechnology Lab

Our research activities aim to advance the understanding of Electromicrobiology, a new sub-discipline of Environmental Microbiology, and contribute to developing sustainable biotechnologies for the valorization of liquid and gaseous wastes.

Our current research activities focus on

Understanding extracellular electron transfer-based anaerobic metabolisms and microorganisms from extreme environments

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Developing integrated microbial electrochemical technologies for renewable electricity-driven bioproduction of chemicals from industrial CO2 and wastewater management at the point sources

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EEMB Lab, 4L1/4D/2TL1, Academic Block 2, IISER Mohali, Knowledge City, Sector 81, Mohali, SAS Nagar - 140306

Environmental Electromicrobiology and Biotechnology (EEMB) Lab, IISER Mohali